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Scott Stapp Chicago HOB Review

On December 6, 2016, there was proof that Scott Stapp is alive and doing well! Scott Stapp and his bandmates blazed into the Chicago House of Blues and scorched the venue with an outstanding performance. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, i...
Concert Reviews

Adelita’s Way Chicago HOB Review

Adelitas Way kicked it off at the Chicago House of Blues valedictorian style as they performed “Sick” and “Criticize” before their getaway in “Bad Reputation” and “Good Die Young” and then finally becoming “Invincible.” The set...
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Adelitas Way Photos from Chicago HOB

Adelitas_Way_2016_12_06_5878Adelitas Way from Chicago House of Blues on December 6, 2016 Adelitas_Way_2016_12_06_5891Adelitas Way from Chicago House of Blues on December 6, 2016 Adelitas_Way_2016_12_06_5944Adelitas Way from Chi...

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Citizen Zero Photos from Chicago HOB

Citizen_Zero_2016_12_06_5746Citizen Zero from Chicago HOB on December 6, 2016 Citizen_Zero_2016_12_06_5774Citizen Zero from Chicago HOB on December 6, 2016 Citizen_Zero_2016_12_06_5810Citizen Zero from Chicago HOB on December 6...
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Always Acoustic Magazine, August 2014

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Seether Chicago HOB Photos

Seether_2014-05-18_5997 Seether_2014-05-18_6117 Seether_2014-05-18_6138 Seether_2014-05-18_6157 Seether_2014-05-18_6180 Seether_2014-05-18_6181 Seether_2014-05-18_6189 Seether_2014-05-18_6193 Seether_2014-05-18_8988 Seether_201...

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Lovehammers Photos from 2014 Hammerfest at Chicago HOB

Lovehammers_2014-05-10_5443 Lovehammers_2014-05-10_5446 Lovehammers_2014-05-10_5447 Lovehammers_2014-05-10_5449 Lovehammers_2014-05-10_5454 Lovehammers_2014-05-10_5462 Lovehammers_2014-05-10_5468 Lovehammers_2014-05-10_5470 Lov...
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Alter Bridge Photos from the Chicago House of Blues

Alter_Bridge_2014-04-29_5187 Alter_Bridge_2014-04-29_5194 Alter_Bridge_2014-04-29_5199 Alter_Bridge_2014-04-29_5214 Alter_Bridge_2014-04-29_5217 Alter_Bridge_2014-04-29_5220 Alter_Bridge_2014-04-29_5223 Alter_Bridge_2014-04-29_...