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Posted December 12, 2016 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Adelita’s Way Chicago HOB Review

In your face’ rock and roll with a little romance

Rick DeJesus vocalist of Adelitas Way from Chicago HOB

Adelitas Way kicked it off at the Chicago House of Blues valedictorian style as they performed “Sick” and “Criticize” before their getaway in “Bad Reputation” and “Good Die Young” and then finally becoming “Invincible.”

The set list was ‘in your face’ rock and roll with a little romance. After “Sick” concluded, the six-cylinder engine kept rolling as Rick DeJesus belted out the lyrics to “Criticize.” During the song, Rick’s only indecisiveness was whether or not to leave his baseball cap on.

The energy progressed with “Bad Reputation” and then “Alive.” During “Alive” Rick DeJesus remarked, “[A] song for all [of] you lovebirds.” As the song roared to its conclusion, Rick asked the audience, “Have I given you a set list?” He then proceeded to hand a fan a set list.

Rick DeJesus then killed it vocally on “Good Die Young” and “Ready for War (Pray for Peace).” The live energy of these two songs could easily entice someone to immediately purchase these studio recordings after hearing them.

Adelitas Way’s passion and energy led everyone to feel like they were invincible. As Adelitas Way performed “Invincible,” Rick was banging his head so much that his hair looked like it flew about six inches in the air.

Adelitas Way may no longer be on a major label, but they really brought their A-game and showed why they deserve to be on one. The only complaint is that Adelitas Way’s performance should have been a little longer. If the show had started earlier than 8:00 p.m., Adelitas Way could have at least performed two additional songs, maybe three.