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Austin Winkler Temporarily Leaves the Hinder Tour for Personal Reasons, but the Party Still Continues

Published July 10, 2013 By Aaron Kecker                             Austin Winkler has temporarily left the Hinder tour for personal reasons. While Austin...
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Hinder Live and Unplugged Bare Bones Tour Photographs from The Abbey

hinder_20121110_2004 hinder_20121110_2005 hinder_20121110_2006 hinder_20121110_2007 hinder_20121110_2008 hinder_20121110_2009 hinder_20121110_2010 hinder_20121110_2011 hinder_20121110_2012 hinder_20121110_2013 hinder_20121110_2...

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Hinder Live & Unplugged Chicago Review

Hinder traveled light as they were armed only with the bare essentials of the microphones, guitars and drums. No flashy imagery, pyrotechnics or a light show, just five Oklahoma guys who want to fu**ing rock to their acoustic r...

Hinder Interview with Blower and Mark King

Sunday, July 13, 2008, 5:41 p.m. CST Blower, Mark King and I discussed touring, Take it to the Limit, music videos, Hinder’s performance at O’Malley’s in Chicago, Blower being struck with Mike Rodden’s acoustic bass guitar and ...