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Posted November 15, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Hinder Live & Unplugged Chicago Review

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Hinder traveled light as they were armed only with the bare essentials of the microphones, guitars and drums. No flashy imagery, pyrotechnics or a light show, just five Oklahoma guys who want to fu**ing rock to their acoustic roots.

Cody Hanson entered The Abbey first and the remainder of Hinder entered and took their respective positions on stage. 

When Mark King entered carrying his acoustic guitar, the acoustic evening was about to begin.

As Austin Winkler approached the mic, Hinder opened their acoustic evening with “Use Me.”

Hinder concealed their freakshow on November 10th at The Abbey until the fourth song into their set list.

 Austin Winkler’s vocals were the best they’ve sounded in the last two years in Chicago

Hinder then quickly rolled off “Get Me Away from You” and “Is It Just Me” before they performed one of their most popular acoustic based songs in “Better than Me.” 

The time went so quickly with no breaks or stories on these two songs, it was like you lit a joint with your buddies and said, “We need to finish this in seven minutes before my parents get home.”

Hinder mixed in their new album so perfectly that they didn’t lose the audiences’ attention span once.

The acoustic mixture after “How Long” was like a chemical equation. SHKB + LoaA + AAN + SYiH + WY + SM + TtM = one hell of an acoustic show!

© 2012 Always Acoustic

Unfortunately, Hinder reserved, maybe for another time, one of their sweeter ballads from Welcome to the Freakshow in “I Don’t Wanna Believe.” 

However, they provided a variety of music from Welcome to the Freakshow that it will put a smile on Hinder’s fan base when the album is released on December 4th.

One of those songs performed that evening happened to be Austin Winkler’s favorite from the album. Austin introduced “See You in Hell” as “My favorite song off the record.”

The strings were plucked in such a vociferous manner on “Without You,” what’s not to enjoy about hearing them plucked this way.

After “Talk to Me,” the unthinkable happened. Austin remarked, “We don’t play this song [very] often!” Hinder performed “Bad Mutha Fucka” for the first time in Chicago.

Hinder saved their best for last by performing “Get Stoned.” Austin wanted their fans at The Abbey to rip the roof off this place and the fans were so overjoyed that they overran Austin’s cue during the chorus.

Austin Winkler’s vocals were the best they’ve sounded in the last two years in Chicago, which led Hinder to perform one of the best acoustic shows in 2012. In fact, it is one of their best performances ever in Chicago!

The Abbey Set List:

  1. “Use Me”
  2. “Homecoming Queen”
  3. “What Ya Gonna Do”
  4. “Get Me Away from You”
  5. “Is It Just Me”
  6. “Better than Me”
  7. “How Long”
  8. “Should Have Known Better”
  9. “Lips of an Angel”
  10. “All American Nightmare”
  11. “See You in Hell”
  12. “Without You”
  13. “Save Me”
  14. “Talk to Me”
  15. “Bad Mutha Fucka”
  16. “Get Stoned”


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