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Staind Review from The Venue

For one day, Abstinence ruled over Anarchy This must have been a dream! Civility at a Staind concert — what happened to the anarchy that occurs at The Venue in Hammond, Indiana? For one day, abstinence ruled over...
Concert Reviews

Theory of a Deadman Review from The Venue

Not many opening bands can say that they have had the luxury of performing for a packed house before the headliner, but Theory of a Deadman managed to pull it off. Theory of a Deadman flew right out of the gate as they performe...

Interview with Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down returned to the road on January 10, 2014 for the 3 Doors Down Acoustic – Songs from the Basement Tour.  According to Brad Arnold, the tour is called  Songs from the Basement  because “[3 Doors ...

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Concert Reviews

3 Doors Down Review from The Venue

While some individuals may have emptied their bank accounts in hopes of winning it big, the remainder of the non-casino patrons put their safest and most conservative bet down by watching one of the most prolific rock bands in ...
Concert Reviews

Daughtry Review from The Venue

Thank goodness Chris Daughtry never won American Idol. For whatever reason, approximately 99% of the winners fall off the face of the Earth within years. The two exceptions are Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. Most likely C...

Concert Reviews

GN’R Review from The Joint at the Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

The Vegas rumors swirled that the Guns N’ Roses show at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas was a pyrotechnic-filled rock and roll show that continued into the morning hours. Rumors are just that! Let’s sep...

The Man Behind the Phenomenal Voice is Tony Harnell

During my four day Vegas residency from November 15th – 19th, I got the opportunity to watch one of the most gifted vocalists that I was unaware of.  His name was Tony Harnell. Tony Harnell was to perform an acoustic set with B...

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GN’R Photographs from The Joint Las Vegas

gnr_20121117_3368 gnr_20121117_3369 gnr_20121117_3370 gnr_20121117_3371 gnr_20121117_3372 gnr_20121117_3373 gnr_20121117_3374 gnr_20121117_3375 gnr_20121117_3376 gnr_20121117_3377 gnr_20121117_3378 gnr_20121117_3379 gnr_2012111...