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Posted September 10, 2013 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

3 Doors Down Review from The Venue


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While some individuals may have emptied their bank accounts in hopes of winning it big, the remainder of the non-casino patrons put their safest and most conservative bet down by watching one of the most prolific rock bands in 3 Doors Down perform at The Venue.

This was the third leg of the 3 Doors Down co-headlining tour with Daughtry. It is also the third time that 3 Doors Down has performed at The Venue in the Horseshoe® Casino in Hammond, Indiana since February 21, 2009.

Just like a horse race, 3 Doors Down started quickly out of the gate with “Time of My Life.” That song definitely explains how the band feels about their rock career. Brad Arnold remarked to me in a private social media post, “We had a great time, and brother we are havin’ the time of our lives!”

The resurrection occurred on “Kryptonite” and the rise continued until “When I’m Gone”

3 Doors Down always performs exceptional shows at The Venue and this night ranks as one of their best shows ever there!

Audience participation has always followed 3 Doors Down so it should come as no surprise that the audience was vocal on “Here Without You.”

Brad Arnold commanded the stage as a field general and although he stayed mostly at center stage, Brad made sure his presence was felt everywhere. Brad Arnold asked the audience during “One Light” to stick their finger in their air, and the audience obliged.

The gracefulness of 3 Doors Down should not be ignored. Brad Arnold once again thanked the audience after each song concluded, but missed either his “Thank you,” or “God bless you” cue twice and that was after “Behind Those Eyes” and “The Better Life.” Unfortunately during “The Better Life,” Brad Arnold’s vocals were difficult to hear at times and made it difficult to enjoy the song.


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However, 3 Doors Down would be resurrected later on in their performance when Brad Arnold and Chris Daughtry sang a duet on “Kryptonite.” The resurrection occurred on “Kryptonite” and the rise continued until “When I’m Gone.” 

3 Doors Down entertained the audience with a duet between Chris Daughtry and Brad Arnold on “Kryptonite.” It was one of the coolest 3 Doors Down duets. At one point during the song, Brad and Chris pointed their mics toward the audience for them to sing the chorus. As Chris Daughtry exited the stage Brad remarked, “That is truly my brother! This is the best tour that I’ve been on!”

Brad even got caught up in the moment as “Behind Those Eyes” neared it’s conclusion as he remarked to drummer Greg Upchurch,“Beat those damn things,” which elicited laughter from the audience.

The drummer itch was there and intensified when Brad Arnold started messing with the cymbals on “Loser.”

Brad Arnold smashed the drums on “Citizen/Soldier.” As Brad’s black and white drum kit was wheeled out, he had a friendly drummer competition with Greg Upchurch. Brad Arnold left the drums during the song, tossed his drumsticks into the audience and belted out the remainder of the song.

This was the first time Justin Biltonen has toured with 3 Doors Down as their bassist at The Venue and he looked like a natural. It was like Justin has been with 3 Doors Down’s since their inception.

3 Doors Down has been touring for fourteen years and one can understand why they have been so successful. They perform exceptional shows every night!


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