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Posted June 9, 2014 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Theory of a Deadman Review from The Venue


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Not many opening bands can say that they have had the luxury of performing for a packed house before the headliner, but Theory of a Deadman managed to pull it off.

Theory of a Deadman flew right out of the gate as they performed “So Happy.” As the evening progressed on “Not Meant to Be,” Tyler Connolly’s voice had worsened and what would otherwise turn out to be an awesome show, turned out to be a very enjoyable show.

Instead of the Jimmy Neutron style Tyler Connolly has possessed in the past, it was Jimmy Mini.

Being on the road, you get sick all the f**king time

The fans loved the classics like “Hate My Life” and “Lowlife,” but there’s something more about showing up for the opener in Theory of a Deadman. Theory always puts on really good shows, but another major reason to go to a Theory of a Deadman show is because you never know what Tyler Connolly, a.k.a. Mr. Smart A** is going to say.

On “Lowlife,” Tyler requested the “Rock & Roll horns” and as the song concluded and Theory prepared for the next song on their set list, Tyler remarked: “I wrote a song for the ladies” as Theory of a Deadman performed “Bitch Came Back.”

Theory performed a lot of their older hit songs like “So Happy,” “Not Meant to Be,” “Hate My Life” and “Bad Girlfriend,” but they managed to rock it out with new tunes like “Drown” and “Savages” from their album Savages, which will be released on July 29, 2014.

As Theory performed “Not Meant to Be,” Tyler Connolly’s vocals were worsening as if he was sick. Tyler commented right before Theory of a Deadman performed “Hate My Life,” “Being on the road, you get sick all the f**king time!”

Tyler Connolly’s remarks continued right before “Savages,” when he said, “Who said, Happy Birthday?” and “Hockey game [Chicago Blackhawks v. Los Angeles Kings] just started.”

Tyler Connolly fought through whatever sickness that he was going through and although it was not Theory of a Deadman’s best show, they made the eight song set list very enjoyable. One has to wonder whether the eight song set list was planned to preserve Tyler Connolly’s vocals for the duration of Theory of a Deadman’s tour or whether the eight song set list was by design.