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Posted September 15, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Sugarcult Metro Chicago Review

Tuesday, May 8, 2007
By Aaron Keker

METRO, Chicago – Last night, Sugarcult played a packed house at the Metro in Chicago, Illinois.

The evening started a little shaky with Of the Opera and 1997 as they busted guitar strings during their performance and needed different tuned guitars. But somehow both bands made the best of their situation. Then the Secret Handshake took the stage with their drummer who was a Jesus look a like. After they were cheered off the stage the anticipation was starting to settle in.

As the Sugarcult sign ascended and the crowd noise intensified, Sugarcult entered the stage and opened with “Lights Out” from the album Lights Out. They quickly blew threw their set list within little over an hour only to take a short break later in their performance.

From “Lights Out” to the final song “Bouncing Off The Walls” from the album Start Static, the crowd close to the stage were moshing the entire evening. In fact, besides the music, there were several highlights of Sugarcult’s performance that evening.

As the crowd close to the stage was moshing during “What You Say” from the album Palm Trees and Power Lines, Tim Pagnotta carried his guitar and joined in with the pit. Tim said something funny while he was in the pit. Someone in the pit touched his hair and he remarked, “do not touch the hair.” After the song concluded, Marko DeSantis remarked, “you guys kick ass! You rule!”

Another highlight occurred when Marko was playing guitar with the microphone stand on “Pretty Girl (The Way)” from the album Start Static.

I have remarked in a past review that every singer brings his or her own intensity and excitement. What Tim and the guys from Sugarcult brought this evening was something that I have never experienced in any performance that I have observed so far.

They completed a set list in a little over an hour with no encore. They did take a short break later in their performance only because of a quick technical glitch. Not only was their show quickly played but they had the intensity and excitement of the audience. Just look at the mosh pit or the sing along on every song and you could tell everyone in the Metro was enjoying Sugarcult’s performance.

Not only was everyone in the Metro enjoying Sugarcult’s performance but also after the show everyone had the opportunity to meet and greet with the guys. Tim did a meet and greet with fans in the lobby while Marko and Kenny Livingston were selling their merchandise behind the counter of the Metro store. Airin was probably in the store, too, but I did not see him.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sugarcult, I would recommend that you purchase their album at iTunes or any store that sells music. You will not be disappointed. The energy and excitement that they display on the album transcends into their live performance. If you decide to purchase their music, I would recommend some of my favorite songs from their albums. Listen to “Memory,” “Crying,” “She’s the Blade,” “What You Say” and “Back to California” from the album Palm Trees and Power Lines, “Pretty Girl (The Way),” “How Does It Feel” and “Stuck In America” from the album Start Static and “Do It Alone,” “Shaking” and “Los Angeles” from the album Lights Out.

Of course, if you like acoustic music, check out their Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) – EP on iTunes. The songs they played sounded awesome acoustically. If you could afford to spend over twenty-five to thirty dollars, I would recommend purchasing their import albums. Otherwise, you might not have the opportunity to hear songs like “Blackout” from the import album Palm Trees and Power Lines. Also, they do an awesome modern version of “I Melt With You,” originally sung by Modern English, on the album Punk Goes 80’s.

If I can take a line from Marko, you guys kick ass!

Chicago Set List:

  1. “Lights Out”
  2. “Dead Living”
  3. “Memory”
  4. “What You Say”
  5. “Do It Alone”
  6. “Pretty Girl (The Way)”
  7. “Los Angeles”
  8. “Majoring in Minors”
  9. “Shaking”
  10. “Stuck in America”
  11. “Crying”
  12. “Hiatus”
  13. “Riot”
  14. “She’s the Blade”
  15. “Daddy’s Little Defect”
  16. “Bouncing Off The Walls”