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Posted September 17, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Secondhand Serenade Mojoe’s Rock House

Monday, April 28, 2008
By Aaron Keker

MOJOE’S ROCK HOUSE, Tinley Park – Last evening, John Vesely of Secondhand Serenade, who is touring with a full band on this tour, performed for about two hundred screaming fans at Mojoe’s Rock House in Tinley Park, Illinois.

The evening began with performances by Rookie of the Year and Making April.

As soon as John entered the stage, the fans greeted him and his band with a large applause. John then belted out the first verse to “Like A Knife” as the concert commenced.

The entire evening looked like a hundred paparazzo’s flashing profusely as John played song after song on his set list. Secondhand Serenade played fan favorites like “Your Call,” “Fall For You,” “Vulnerable” and “Goodbye.”

Besides the sing-alongs on those songs, the screaming audience provided additional background vocals on “Maybe” and “Goodbye.” Not only were we graced with the sing-alongs but also John played acoustically one of his older hits, “Awake,” from his debut album Awake.

With John’s vocals and the audience’s enthusiasm, what a perfect way to end the weekend by spending it with Secondhand Serenade on Sunday evening. In fact, I interviewed John earlier that day and he is a very down-to-earth individual. As John’s popularity continues to escalate he will never forget his fans and still plans on meeting with them after each performance.

For those individuals who enjoy watching music videos on your iPod, make sure you purchase “Vulnerable” and “Fall For You.” Who knows maybe “Your Call,” “Pretend,” “A Twist in My Story” or “Goodbye” will be the next video available on iTunes?

If you still cannot get enough of John and Secondhand Serenade, make sure you purchase the bonus track “Tested & True” from his latest album A Twist in My Story on iTunes. Also, try and see if you can still purchase the album at Target because it includes a bonus DVD. The bonus DVD contains live acoustic recordings from SXSW of “The Last Song Ever,” “Vulnerable” and “Your Call.”           

Finally, I am looking forward to providing future coverage of Secondhand Serenade whenever John returns to Chicago. If you enjoy Secondhand Serenade’s music and you would like to watch a live performance, make sure you visit his MySpace page at www.myspace.com/secondhandserenade for tour information. Who knows maybe you will even have the opportunity to meet with John after the show? Below is the set list from Secondhand Serenade’s performance at Mojoe’s Rock House.

Mojoe’s Rock House Set List:

  1. “Like A Knife”
  2. “Your Call”
  3. “Awake”
  4. “Pretend”
  5. “Fall For You”
  6. “Maybe”
  7. “A Twist in My Story”
  8. “Why”


  1. “Vulnerable”
  2. “Goodbye”