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Posted September 17, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

RED Reggie’s Rock Club Review

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
By Aaron Keker

REGGIE’S ROCK CLUB – Last evening, RED performed for a reasonably sized audience at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago, Illinois.

As vocalist Michael Barnes jumped with his band mates, the concert commenced with “Wasted Time” from their debut album titled End Of Silence.

The entire evening, RED entertained the audience from their bone crushing melodies to Michael Barnes’ screaming vocals.

Not only were we blessed with the bone crushing melodies and Michael’s impressive vocals but their fill-in drummer Donnie Joe also entertained the audience. On “Breathe Into Me,” Donnie twirled the drum stick in the air and than struck the drums.

One of the biggest highlights of the evening occurred, earlier in RED’s performance. In fact, Michael Barnes remarked, “we receive a lot of requests on MySpace for this song.” Michael sang those four melodramatic opening verses, “I’m here again. A thousand miles away from you. A broken mess. Just scattered pieces of who I am.” As RED continued playing “Pieces” acoustically, the audience provided additional melodramatic vocals with Michael Barnes.

Whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with RED, you should visit their web site at www.redmusiconline.com or their MySpace page at www.myspace.com/dropofred and listen to their music. If it turns out that you enjoy it, make sure you purchase their music at iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody or any store that sells RED’s music.

For those of you who have not purchased the End of Silence (Deluxe Edition), you are really missing out. It contains an acoustic version of “Lost” and a DVD of one of their live performances in Nashville.

In fact, you can purchase that live performance on iTunes from the album titled End Of Silence (Live). It contains some of their hit songs like “Let Go,” “Already Over,” “Pieces,” “Break Me Down” and “Breathe Into Me.”

For those of you wanting additional acoustic songs by RED, you do not have to be silenced any further. You can purchase an acoustic version of “Breathe Into Me” from the album titled Breathe Into Me – Single on iTunes.       

For those of you, who like to watch music videos on your iPod, make sure you purchase “Breathe Into Me,” “Let Go” and soon to be released “Already Over.”  

Finally, I am looking forward to providing future coverage of RED next time they perform in Chicago. If you want to see a live performance of RED, visit www.redmusiconline.com or www.myspace.com/dropofred for tour information. Below is the set list from RED’s performance at Reggies Rock Club.

Reggies Rock Club Set List:

  1. “Wasting Time”
  2. “Hide”
  3. “Let Go”
  4. “Lost”
  5. “Pieces”
  6. Donnie Joe Drum Solo
  7. “Gave It All Way”
  8. “Already Over”
  9. “Break Me Down”


  1. “Breathe Into Me”