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Posted September 15, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Hinder Rockford Metro Centre Review

Sunday, May 13, 2007
By Aaron Keker

hinder02ROCKFORD METRO CENTRE, Rockford – Last night, Hinder played for a sold out Rockford Metro Centre in Rockford, Illinois. 

The evening started with Operator followed by a rocking performance by Fuel and their new lead singer Toryn Green.

Basically, Hinder performed the same set list as their performance at the Congress Theatre in Chicago on January 29, 2007 with two exceptions.

First, they did not play “Running In The Rain,” which will be on their next album.

Second, they performed their modern rock version of “Born To Be Wild” from Steppenwolf, instead of “Take Me Home Tonight” from their album Extreme Behavior Deluxe Edition (Wal-Mart Exclusive). Once again, Hinder proved they could remake a classic and make it sound better than the original artist. Sorry Steppenwolf!

When Austin Winkler introduced Born To Be Wild he remarked, “we shot a video for NASCAR for this song.”

On two occasions, Austin ran up the left and right side of the stage into the assigned seating as he belted out verses to two of their hits songs from the album Extreme Behavior. Not only did he belt out these verses with authority but the Rockford audience was even more energetic with the sing-alongs and ovations than the Chicago audience. Come on Chicago! You need to rock out more when Hinder returns on August 21, 2007 at Northerly Island-Charter One Pavilion!

After the concert ended Hinder proved once again they could entertain an audience. Not only could they entertain an audience but they also proved they are true rock stars.

I know there are those of you who are still unfamiliar with Hinder. If I mention “Lips of an Angel” from the album Extreme Behavior, you probably will say, “I know and I enjoy that song.” However, besides “Lips of an Angel,” there are even better songs on the album like “Better than Me,” “Bliss (I Don’t Wanna Know)” and “How Long.”

Therefore, whether or not you are familiar with “Lips of an Angel,” I encourage you to purchase their album either on iTunes or any store that sells their music. If you go to Wal-Mart you can purchase Extreme Behavior Deluxe Edition (Wal-Mart Exclusive), which contains songs not on the original album. If you can afford at least twenty-five dollars purchase the import album of Extreme Behavior, which contains “Lips of an Angel” (Acoustic) and “Get Stoned” (Piano Version). If you cannot afford that amount purchase their import album single of Lips of an Angel on eBay for about five dollars plus shipping and handling. The album has acoustic versions of “Bliss (I Don’t Wanna Know)” and “By The Way.” And if you can afford it all purchase all of the albums listed above and join the Hinder Army Fan Club. Go to www.hindermusic.com for details.

Who knows maybe once you are a member of the army, you will have the opportunity to meet and greet with Austin and the guys backstage?

Finally, I would like to thank Hinder for their awesome performance. You guys rock!