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Posted September 17, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Daughtry Bradley Center Review

Friday, February 22, 2008
By Aaron Keker

BRADLEY CENTER, Milwaukee – Last evening, Daughtry opened for Bon Jovi for an almost packed to capacity Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Daughtry commenced their performance with a new song titled “You Don’t Belong.” According to Chris Daughtry’s video blog on their web site www.daughtryofficial.com, Chris remarked, “hope it makes it on the new record.”

I was unfamiliar with that song but I have to admit that I really enjoyed it. I am hoping that it will be included on the new album, whenever that may be. After “You Don’t Belong” concluded, Daughtry received a loud ovation.

Daughtry, once again like Summerfest, received a loud ovation after each song concluded.

Not only did they receive a loud ovation after each song concluded but also the audience provided additional background vocals on “It’s Not Over,” “What About Now,” “Feels Like Tonight” and “Home” from their debut album titled Daughtry. However, just like Summerfest, I wish Daughtry had played “Sorry.”

As Daughtry concluded their performance with “There and Back” from their debut album titled Daughtry, they received a loud ovation. Even though I really enjoyed Daughtry’s performance, I have to say that I preferred when Daughtry headlined at Summerfest last July 6, 2007.

The reason why I preferred Daughtry at Summerfest was because the audience was far more energetic and seemed to really enjoy their performance more than last evening’s performance. In fact, at Summerfest there were no empty seats while at the Bradley Center there were still a lot of empty seating because people were still shuffling in and out of the center. I realize that they probably wanted to watch Bon Jovi’s performance but they still missed out on another solid performance by Daughtry.

If you unfamiliar with Daughtry, visit their web site at www.daughtryofficial.com or their MySpace page at www.myspace.com/daughtry and listen to their music. If it turns out that after listening to Daughtry’s music that you enjoy it, make sure you purchase their debut album Daughtry at iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody or any store that sells their music.

If you purchase Daughtry’s entire album at iTunes you will receive the bonus song titled “Sorry.” “Sorry” is one of my favorite songs on the Daughtry (Bonus Track) album. Also, if you want to hear a live performance album by Daughtry, make sure you purchase their album titled AOL Music Sessions (Live) – EP.

If you prefer acoustic music, you should purchase Daughtry’s single import album titled It’s Not Over (Single) because it contains an acoustic version of “Crashed.” Also, make sure you purchase Daughtry’s album on Rhapsody titled Rhapsody Originals (Exclusive) because it contains acoustic versions of “It’s Not Over” and “Home.” They sound just as awesome as their original album versions if not better.

If you own a video iPod, make sure you purchase their most popular videos like “Home,” “It’s Not Over,” “Over You” and “Feels Like Tonight.” They are just as entertaining as their musical counterparts. Hopefully soon, additional videos will be available like “What About Now” and “Sorry.”           

Finally, I am looking forward to providing future coverage of Daughtry whether that will include an interview, another live performance or both. Maybe next time, Daughtry will perform “Sorry.” Below is the set list from Daughtry’s performance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.             

Milwaukee Set List:

  1. “You Don’t Belong”
  2. “What I Want”
  3. “It’s Not Over”
  4. “Breakdown”
  5. “What About Now”
  6. “Feels Like Tonight”
  7. “Over You”
  8. “Home”
  9. “There and Back “