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Posted July 4, 2017 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Rachel Lorin Review from Rock, White and Blue Concert

Rachel has the ability to emit high-decibel screams and ability to vary pitches


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Christmas came early in July! A free concert, patriotism, Rachel Lorin, Skillet and fireworks — what more could you ask for in a July 3rd festival in Great Lakes, Illinois?

As the crowd shuffled in for the Rock White and Blue Festival, they attempted to get as close as they could to the front of the stage without having to pay for that amenity.

Rachel Lorin entered the stage in patriotic swag by wearing sunglasses, sleeveless tank top, sailor cap and an American flag cape.

While one may have thought Rachel’s attire reminded them of the obvious superheroine comparison to maybe Superwoman, it is quite the opposite. Instead Rachel is Siryn, who has the ability to emit high-decibel screams and ability to vary pitches. During Rachel Lorin’s entire set, she emitted these high-decibel screams and pitches. Rachel’s superheroine move is positioning her body to almost the point of doing a back handspring, while emitting her power scream.

What a difference a more sophisticated and experienced sound engineer can make. Vocally, Rachel sounded much better than she did at Penny Road Pub in November of 2016.

Rachel Lorin did not deviate much in terms of her set list. Rachel performed mostly covers and her two original songs in “I Hate You” and “It’s in Me.”

Rachel Lorin did not disappoint with her cover of Whitesnake’s “Still of the Night.” However, Rachel should have performed “Love Bites” because it would have been a perfect prelude to “I Hate You.” During “I Hate You,” Rachel’s voice seemed to be a little exhausted, but there were no audience complaints. The more that Rachel tours, the less likely she will suffer these small hiccups.

Rachel Lorin concluded her first ever festival in Illinois with “It’s in Me.” Although Rachel Lorin’s audience may have only numbered in the hundreds, her arrow is pointing upwards and it will soon be in the thousands.



Rachel Lorin from 2017 Rock White and Blue Festival

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Rachel Lorin from Rock White and Blue Festival in Great Lakes Illinois on July 3, 2017.