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Posted September 16, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Biffy Clyro Park West Review

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
By Aaron Keker

PARK WEST, Chicago – Last evening the Scottish trio, Biffy Clyro, played for a sold out Park West in Chicago, Illinois.

The evening started with a performance by Ra Ra Riot. After the final tuning of the instruments by the road crew it was Biffy Clyro’s time to shine.

As bassist James Johnston and drummer Ben Johnston entered the stage vocalist Simon Neil followed them. As Simon entered the stage, like a typical rock star singer, he was shirtless.

About a minute later, the shirtless singer started to sing in a high tempo voice “Saturday Superhouse” from their U.S. debut album Puzzle.

Simon sang with such enthusiasm and excitement in his voice on “Saturday Superhouse,” I was shocked his vocals were not lost after the song concluded.

Besides Simon’s vocals, I was really impressed how quickly he played the guitar notes and chords. As Simon and his bandmates continued to play their set list at a higher tempo, I observed the audience’s reaction.

On several occasions I glanced around the audience and I noticed several individuals doing the head bob or head banging. Other individuals were tapping the floor with their feet as each note and chord was being played. After each song concluded on their set list they received a moderate ovation. In my opinion, as they continue to gain in notoriety in the U.S., I would not be surprised if moderate turned into enormous.

Biffy Clyro played other high tempo songs like “Love is a Diameter,” “Living is a Problem because Everything Dies” and “Who’s Got a Match?” from their U.S. debut album Puzzle. Also, they played their melodramatic hit “Machines” at a higher tempo then on their U.S. debut album Puzzle.

I had the opportunity to listen and review their U.S. debut album Puzzle about month ago. Check out the album review at www.alwaysacoustic.com/albumreviews/biffyclyroar.html. Last evening, if you enjoyed all of their songs that they played then you will definitely enjoy their U.S. debut album Puzzle. I would encourage you to purchase the album when it is released on September 18, 2007 on either iTunes or any other store that sells their music. Also, make sure you listen to Folding Stars because it is another good song on the album. However, last evening, I wished they played Folding Stars. Maybe next time?

If you wanted to attend their performance but were unable to attend and are frustrated, do not become semi-mental! I am sure they will be back in your city soon. For those of you in Chicago, you have another opportunity to see their performance. They are performing at the Riviera Theatre on October 25, 2007. In the meantime, purchase their U.S. debut album Puzzle when it is released on September 18, 2007.

If you are unfamiliar with Biffy Clyro visit their website at www.biffyclyro.com or their MySpace page at www.myspace.com/biffyclyro. At their MySpace page, you can listen to four of their most popular songs, which are “Machines,” “Living is a Problem because Everything Dies,” “Folding Stars” and “Saturday Superhouse.” Believe me you will not be disappointed!

Finally, a piece of the Puzzle was answered last evening on who is Biffy Clyro? Below is the set list from Chicago.

Chicago Set List:

  1. “Saturday Superhouse”
  2. “Who’s Got a Match?”
  3. “My Recovery Injection”
  4. “Love is a Diameter”
  5. “Living is a Problem because Everything Dies”
  6. “Now I’m Everyone”
  7. “Machines”
  8. “Get Fucked Stud”
  9. “Glitter and Trauma”