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Posted September 18, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

My Darkest Days Riviera Theatre Review

Friday, April 8, 2011
By Aaron Keker


RIVIERA THEATRE, Chicago – Rarely do you see a venue almost booked to capacity to watch the opening band, but that is exactly what occurred last evening for My Darkest Days.

My Darkest Days opened for Three Days Grace at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago. MDD took the roof off the Riv once Sal Coz Costa remarked, “Let’s make some f*cking noise!”

MDD opened with “Save Me” and they received the loudest ovation and fanaticism from an audience for an opening rock band so far in 2011.

“Move Your Body” to the “Porn Star Dancing” until you “Come Undone” in a “F*cked Up Situation,” which caused you to “Set it on Fire.” These songs electrified the crowd immensely that they even participated with MDD by giving the middle finger during the chorus of “Porn Star Dancing.”

My Darkest Days is the most popular opening rock band in 2011

Sal instructed the Riv to rock to the beat, while Matt Walst played bartender by pouring a plastic cup of what appeared to be alcohol down each bandmate’s throat as they played their instruments. When the last drink was served, MDD rocked the beat with their latest single “Move Your Body.”

Matt moved around and performed with his foot dangling in the pit as MDD performed “F*cked Up Situation.” Sal was his usual energetic self, which included him raising his guitar and Reid Henry (who is MDD’s equivalent to Blower from Hinder) was periodically leaving the keys and firing up the crowd.

The high intensity that MDD brings to each show, including the Riv last night, is one of the major reasons why MDD is one of the most popular opening rock bands in 2011.