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Posted September 15, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

The Wildbirds Metro Chicago Review

Saturday, July 14, 2007
By Aaron Keker

METRO, Chicago – Last night The Wildbirds played at the Metro in Chicago, Illinois.

The evening started with Late April and then was followed by The Wildbirds. As soon as Late Aprill exited the stage with their instruments, The Wildbirds appeared from backstage and started to set up their equipment.

The minute I noticed lead singer Nicholas Stuart and the rest of The Wildbirds, my first thought was Chris Robinson and The Black Crowes. About five or so minutes later, an older gentlemen came out and recited a short poem.

As soon as the poem concluded, The Wildbirds entered the stage and opened with “All Get Away” from their debut album Golden Daze. When the song finished there was a roaring ovation.

After hearing Nicholas and The Wildbirds play their second song “Shake Shake” from the debut album Golden Daze, I immediately thought that they sounded very similar to The Black Crowes but a little heavier.

One of my favorite songs that they played that evening was “Please Don’t Go” from their debut album Golden Daze. I believe “Please Don’t Go” would have sounded even better if The Wildbirds would have stripped it down acoustically. Also, you heard it first hear on Always Acoustic™ but it will be one of their biggest hits off their debut album.

The Wildbirds ended their performance with one the hardest songs that evening with “421” from their debut album Golden Daze. They received a roaring ovation and quickly exited the stage.

Finally, if you are looking to listen to music similar to The Black Crowes but a little heavier then this album is definitely for you. Also, make sure you purchase their debut album Golden Daze when it hits the stores on August 14, 2007. You will not be disappointed. I listened to the entire debut album and I really enjoyed it. When you purchase your copy listen to songs like “Please Don’t Go,” “Shake Shake,” “Slow Down,” “421” and the heart-felt song “Suzanna.”

Hopefully, the next time I watch their performance they strip down a few of their songs acoustically. The set list from Chicago and their MySpace link is listed below.

Chicago Set List:

  1. “All Get Away”
  2. “Shake Shake”
  3. “Hard on Me”
  4. “Please Don’t Go”
  5. “Way Down Low”
  6. “421” 

MySpace Link: