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Daughtry Review from The Venue

Thank goodness Chris Daughtry never won American Idol. For whatever reason, approximately 99% of the winners fall off the face of the Earth within years. The two exceptions are Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. Most likely C...
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Daughtry Photographs from The Venue

daughtry_2013-07-25_0345 daughtry_2013-07-25_0347 daughtry_2013-07-25_0355 daughtry_2013-07-25_0356 daughtry_2013-07-25_0358 daughtry_2013-07-25_0360 daughtry_2013-07-25_0364 daughtry_2013-07-25_0367 daughtry_2013-07-25_0370 da...