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Posted September 17, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Seether Vic Theatre Review

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
By Aaron Keker

VIC THEATRE, Chicago – Last evening, as everyone in the audience focused on the light swinging like a pendulum behind the white see-through curtain, we waited patiently for Seether’s entrance.

All of a sudden, the two video screens on each side of John Humphrey’s drum kit started counting down from six.

When the countdown hit zero, Shaun Morgan entered and sang several verses to “No Jesus Christ.”

The curtain finally descended and the rest of the band joined in with Shaun for the remainder of the song.

Just like Seether’s performance back in October 2007 at the House of Blues in Chicago, they received a large applause as each song concluded on Seether’s set list.

Considering this is the first time since Troy McLawhorn has joined Seether as the permanent guitarist, he must have really enjoyed Chicago’s enthusiasm.

Some of the other major highlights of the evening occurred on “Rise Above This” and “Broken.”

When Shaun sang “Rise Above This,” the video was replayed on the background screens. Unlike the video available on iTunes that is lacking the tribute to Shaun’s brother Eugene, you actually saw the tribute when the song concluded. Once again, the audience roared with authority.

The final major highlight happened as Dale Stewart, with his Mohawk, sat on a stool and played “Broken” on acoustic guitar as Shaun provided the vocals. I was really hoping after interviewing Dale in April, that vocalist Lacey Mosley from Flyleaf would be singing a duet with Shaun on “Broken.”

However, I heard a day earlier that Lacey was having vocal problems and had to cancel the remaining tour dates in May. When Flyleaf canceled their tour in Chicago, the concert was moved from the Riviera Theatre to the Vic Theatre.

Besides the roaring cheers, the Eugene tribute and “Broken” played acoustically, the audience provided additional background vocals with Shaun on “Driven Under,” “Rise Above This,” “The Gift,” “Gasoline,” “Broken,” “Fine Again” and “Fake It.” Shaun provided us with further entertainment with his little dance on “Fake It” and his jumping up and down on “Remedy.”

The evening turned out to be another smashing success for Seether in Chicago because of their new stage, their new guitarist Troy McLawhorn and their overall energetic performance. However, I still wished that Seether had played “Fade Away.” Shaun, Dale, John and Troy, maybe next time? Below is the set list from Seether’s performance at the Vic Theatre.

Vic Theatre Set List:

  1. “No Jesus Christ”
  2. “Needles”
  3. “Burrito”
  4. “Drive Under”
  5. “Rise Above This”
  6. “Truth”
  7. “The Gift”
  8. “Breakdown”
  9. “Gasoline”
  10. “Broken”
  11. “Fine Again”
  12. “Fake It”
  13. “Remedy”