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Posted September 19, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Interviews

Rich Luzzi Interview

Thursday, January 27, 2011, 8:05 p.m. CST

Rev Theory will be releasing their 3rd album entitled Justice on February 15, 2011. Rich Luzzi and I discussed Justice, playing acoustically, the obnoxious fan, Broken Bones Foundation and meeting with their fans after each performance.

AARON KEKER: Unfortunately, I missed Rev Theory’s live acoustic performance from WIIL Rock yesterday. What song or songs did you guys perform acoustically?

RICH LUZZI: We did “Wanted Man,” “Far from Over” and “Justice.” You can go to WIIL Rock’s web site and you can see it on there.

AARON KEKER: Cool! I’m going to check that out. Julien remarked that “[Justice] really is the record [that] we are most proud of.” Would you agree with Julien?

RICH LUZZI: Absolutely!

AARON KEKER: Justice, which is Rev Theory’s third album, will be released on February 15th.  Is “Say Goodbye” the ballad of the album?

RICH LUZZI: Yeah, it is the ballad of the album.

AARON KEKER: You guys playing acoustically on that?

RICH LUZZI:  There’s acoustic guitars on it, yeah, but it has an electric production as well.

AARON KEKER: All right! What was it like working with Producer Terry Date on Justice?

RICH LUZZI: It was an amazing experience! He pushed us to be a great band. He believes in getting the best performances by the whole band playing together. A lot of the record with drums and bass; we tracked the entire band every single set playing and performing together.

AARON KEKER: Rev Theory released their first single “Justice” on October 25th, 2010. Any idea what the next single released will be?

RICH LUZZI: Not a clue man. We’re just focusing on that one and putting all of our efforts into that single and then when the time comes we’ll discuss another one.

AARON KEKER: Before the release of the music video of “Justice” on iTunes, Rev Theory had released videos of “Hell Yeah,” “Light it Up,” and “Far from Over.” Did Rev Theory ever consider shooting a video for “Broken Bones?”

 It really wasn’t up to us. That’s the labels fault and it was never discussed.

 It’s a shame! I would’ve liked to have seen that video —


 made. Do you know whether Rev Theory’s live performance on Walmart Soundcheck Risers will ever be available for download on Walmart MP3 Music Downloads?

RICH LUZZI: Not at all man. I have no clue.

AARON KEKER: Rev Theory released Acoustic Live from the Gibson Lounge on August 4th, 2009. Would Rev Theory ever considering touring on an acoustic theme?

 Yeah, we would love to! You gotta get to that point where you can do it.

 I covered an acoustic performance of Aaron Lewis and during his performance certain audience members were really obnoxious. I thought it was awesome, before Rev Theory performed “Broken Bones” acoustically, when you remarked: “People in the back, you’re having a good time. I realize that. I’m calling you out. Just keep it down for one minute.” 


 Has Rev Theory ever encountered an audience that was extremely obnoxious that almost forced you guys to cancel the remainder of the show?

 No, never cancel[ed] a show at all. You got to think man if it’s a rock show there’s alcohol involved and people drink [and] they become idiots.


RICH LUZZI: So they sober up the next day, it’s no big deal.

[‘Say Goodbye’] is the ballad of the album

AARON KEKER: You provided vocals for the song “Voices” for the entrance theme of Randy Orton and “Light it Up” was the official theme music for Wrestlemania XXIV. Do you enjoy watching WWE?

 Yeah, every now and [then] I will click it on and watch a little bit. It’s entertaining! It’s been fun getting to work with them and go to the events.

AARON KEKER: I can relate to Julien’s situation because my mother was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery. If someone wanted to get involved in Rev Theory’s Broken Bones Foundation, how can they do it?

RICH LUZZI:  Go to BrokenBonesFoundation.com and there’s instructions on how you can donate or pick up a rock cancer bracelet there.

AARON KEKER: Cool! I think it is an awesome idea when bands do a live stream with their fans. Does Rev Theory enjoy interacting with their fans via Ustream or another live feed?

RICH LUZZI: Absolutely we enjoy it! It’s a lot of fun any time we get to do it. You know answer questions right at the moment, hear what’s going on with people, so it’s always fun to do that stuff. We did it a couple times in the studio.

AARON KEKER: That’s cool! I watched Rev Theory Webisode #3 – Light it Up: Chicago and you guys were selling CD’s and autographing them. Does Rev Theory meet with their fans after each performance?

RICH LUZZI: Absolutely! Every time!

AARON KEKER: According to your Facebook page, it reads that you are a fan of the movie, I think it’s Tontine Massacre. 


AARON KEKER: Do you think the reality show really ended in tragedy or was it a hoax?

RICH LUZZI: I have no idea man. We’ll have to wait until it comes out.

AARON KEKER: (Laughs) Well final question. Rev Theory will be headlining the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour starting on February 16th in Phoenix, Arizona and ending on March 6th in Jermyn, Pennsylvania. Will Rev Theory be making a tour stop in Chicago sometime this spring or summer?

RICH LUZZI: We hope to man! We love Chicago! As soon as we know we’ll let you guys know, but absolutely Chicago is one of our favorite cities to play.

AARON KEKER: I’ll talk to you later and thanks for your time again!

RICH LUZZI: Okay bud! Thank you!

AARON KEKER: All right! Thanks! Bye!