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Nickelback Review II

The evening can be summed up in five phases. Each phase rose in succession and ended with ear excruciating booms as Nickelback’s performance ended.

The first two phases were the performances by My Darkest Days and Seether. The third phase intensified with Bush’s performance. Gavin Rossdale walked around in the lower seated sections of the Allstate Arena while belting out the lyrics to The Beatles cover “Come Together.” Several women on the floor ran towards Gavin and he was quickly escorted back to the stage by security.

The fourth and final phase was Nickelback. They killed it on stage! Nickelback entered the stage and performed “This Means War.” Throughout Nickelback’s evening, they continued with their predictable and traditional flame spurts. Chad Kroeger remarked right before “Photograph,” “It’s gonna be a hot one. It doesn’t help [that] forty-foot flames are going [right] off behind you.”