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Posted September 19, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Interviews

Kate Walsh Interview

Friday, May 30, 2008, 7:53 p.m. CST

Kate Walsh and I discussed backstage at Schubas in Chicago “Your Song” featured on Private Practice, iPod, her albums Clocktower Park and Tim’s House, her musical inspirations and her songwriting.

AARON KEKER: Hey everyone! This is Aaron Keker from Always Acoustic™, backstage with Kate Walsh at Schubas. How are you Kate? 

KATE WALSH: I’m good. Thank you. How are you? 

AARON KEKER: I’m good. Thanks. Is this your first headlining tour in the U.S.? 

KATE WALSH: It is. Yes. I’ve done gigs started you know around in the normal New York, L.A. … But this is my first headline taking me all over the place. So yes. 

AARON KEKER: First time in Chicago? 

KATE WALSH: Yes, it is. Well actually no… I did stop over here at a hotel because our flight was cancelled. So, we got detailed to Chicago but I’ve been looking forward to coming here. 

AARON KEKER: Okay. It’s… a great city. What was your reaction when “Your Song” was featured on Private Practice

KATE WALSH: Do you know what, I haven’t even seen the episode where it’s been used yet. Because I don’t think it’s been aired in England yet. It’s much more of a big thing over here. But I mean… even for people to think that my music can relate well enough to be used in T.V., so you know it feels amazing. 

AARON KEKER: Cool. Have you had additional songs featured in any television shows? 

KATE WALSH: Not yet. Not yet. But… I think someone is going to be using “Your Song” for a film later in the year, which is nice. 

AARON KEKER: That’s nice. I read on our web site that you do not own an iPod? 

KATE WALSH: I do now – – 

AARON KEKER: Oh, you do? 

KATE WALSH: because I got the #1 on iTunes last year – – 

AARON KEKER: Congratulations! 

KATE WALSH: Thank you! But … I had that and I didn’t own an iPod, so Apple gave me an iPod. 

AARON KEKER: Wow! That’s nice! 

KATE WALSH: Yeah! [laughs] 

AARON KEKER: [laughs] Mines down right now! So, I’m kind of like – – 

KATE WALSH: Give them a ring – – 

AARON KEKER: shot. [laughs] 

KATE WALSH: [laughs] Give them a ring see what they can do. [laughs] 

AARON KEKER: [laughs] I know, I should. I should tell them I know you now, right? 

KATE WALSH: [laughs] 

AARON KEKER: [laughs] One of my greatest folk artists that my father listened to when I was growing up was Harry Chapin.  

KATE WALSH: Harry Chapin? I’ve never heard of him. 

AARON KEKER: Okay. He sings songs like “Cats in the Cradle,” “W.O.L.D” – – 

KATE WALSH: Oh! I know “Cats in the Cradle.” 

AARON KEKER: “I Wanna Learn a Love Song. So, obviously since you don’t know him, he probably isn’t an inspiration to you than? 

KATE WALSH: No. Harry Chapin. No. Never heard of him. 

AARON KEKER: So, then what other bands or musicians inspire you? 

KATE WALSH: …Well at the beginning it was definitely the female singers Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos. They are massive influences on me. Especially, because I’m a pianist as well. But now… I don’t know what influences me so much. But what I love, love to listen to now is old jazz. Louie Armstrong and Billie Holiday and things like that. 

AARON KEKER: My executive producer loves jazz. 

KATE WALSH: I just dig it. Louie Armstrong… I just have to hear him sing and I get a massive smile on my face. Such a lovely voice. 

AARON KEKER: I can see… similarities I guess between you and Tori. 

KATE WALSH: Yeah. Yeah.

AARON KEKER: … So do you mostly play guitar and you don’t really play piano on tour?  

KATE WALSH: At the moment yeah. But… I am getting back into the piano now. We’re recording a new album this summer, so there is going to be some piano songs on the next record. 

AARON KEKER: … Do you have a title for the new album? 

KATE WALSH: I do, but I’m not going to let you know. 

AARON KEKER: [laughs] 

KATE WALSH: [laughs] 

AARON KEKER: [laughs] Not the first exclusive? [laughs] 

KATE WALSH: [laughs] 

AARON KEKER: You have been known to write songs about your prior failed relationships – – 

KATE WALSH: [laughs] 

AARON KEKER: In fact, audience members who have seen you say “cheer up.” 


AARON KEKER: Would you ever just consider writing a cheerful album? 

KATE WALSH: Well this is the thing. This is quite topical for me right now because… I am at the moment really, really, really happy. I found my Knight In Shining Armor – – 

AARON KEKER: Congratulations! 

KATE WALSH: Thank you! I am really happy you know for the first time in my life with regards to love and everything. And I can’t write anything – – 

AARON KEKER: Oh, really? 

KATE WALSH: because it’s if I have to like relearn how to write songs now from a happy stance. 

After Kate Walsh’s headlining tour, she will ‘be recording at Tim’s house again but it’s not called Tim’s House 2′

AARON KEKER: Right. Well you know I think a lot of artists you know they have their happy songs but then they also have the sad songs. Because I don’t know any artists that actually has all cheerful songs – – 

KATE WALSH: Exactly. 

AARON KEKER: to be honest. 

KATE WALSH: Exactly. And you know I spent all the years as a songwriter only like honing my craft with sad songwriting because that’s why I’ve needed to write songs as an expression as a therapy. But now it’s like I don’t need therapy. It’s like ending your counseling sessions. Now I’m happy. I don’t need to write sad songs, so I don’t know what to really do with myself. But I will come around. 

AARON KEKER: I think people relate more to the sad songs. 

KATE WALSH: Ah, definitely. My theory is that when you’re happy, you have no need to expel these emotions or get rid of them. And you know, and express them. When you’re sad it’s like a release you need to get out of our system and I think other people need the sad songs to identify with how they are feeling. Because when you’re happy you don’t need to identify with anyone else, do you – – 


KATE WALSH: because you’re happy. 

AARON KEKER: Right. And I guess if you’re too happy, than people get jealous. 

KATE WALSH: Yes. So, there’s a happy medium somewhere. But I have to find it. 

AARON KEKER: Good luck! 

KATE WALSH: Thank you! 

AARON KEKER: What are some of your favorite songs from your debut album Clocktower Park

KATE WALSH: What are some of my favorite songs? 


KATE WALSH: … “June Bug” is. And “Quicksand.” And… “Holes in My Jacket.” 

AARON KEKER: Okay. What about Tim’s House

KATE WALSH: “Bury My Head.” And… “Your Song.” 

AARON KEKER: Now you wrote that song about… back home, correct? 

KATE WALSH: No. “Your Song” is about my biggest relationship. “Talk of the Town” is about where I come from. Where I grew up. 

AARON KEKER: That’s right… About the bully, right? 

KATE WALSH: Yeah. Yeah. 

AARON KEKER: So, what do they think of you now? 

KATE WALSH: I don’t know. 

AARON KEKER: [laughs] 

KATE WALSH: I don’t know. If they know then you know they will know how I felt all those years. But, maybe they don’t. 

AARON KEKER: Right. Speaking of Tim’s House, did you record the entire album in his living room? 


AARON KEKER: Wow! That’s kind of cool. 

KATE WALSH: Oh! Oh! Except drums. We used… His friend had a loft because his friend is a drummer too. So, we had a nice space for recording. We just did that in a afternoon as well. 

AARON KEKER: Wow, that’s kind of nice! If you could cover any song, which song would it be? 

KATE WALSH: Ah! It would be “On and On” by The Longpigs. Which I actually think I am going to do a cover and it might go on the next record. 


KATE WALSH: So, there’s an exclusive. 

AARON KEKER: There you go! All right! 

KATE WALSH: [laughs] 

AARON KEKER: [laughs] First time on Always Acoustic TM. You have released Live from London iTunes Exclusive on iTunes U.K. 


AARON KEKER: Will this album ever be released on iTunes U.S.? 

KATE WALSH: I have no idea. I can ask them for you. 

AARON KEKER: [laughs] Okay. Thanks. Besides the music video for Your Song, do you plan on releasing any additional videos on iTunes? 

KATE WALSH: On iTunes? Can you get videos on iTunes? 

AARON KEKER: Ah, yes. You actually can. 

KATE WALSH: Wow! Well I have only made one other music video and that’s for “Don’t Break My Heart,” which I prefer to be honest because we did that ourselves as well. But I don’t know if it is going to be on iTunes. It would be nice. 

AARON KEKER: Yeah. I mean I know “Your Song” is. It’s on I think on both the U.S. and the U.K. 

KATE WALSH: So, what do people buy then? Do they – – 

AARON KEKER: It’s like a $1.50 to $1.99 – – 

KATE WALSH: Really? 

AARON KEKER:  for a video. 

KATE WALSH: Wow! What do people do once they got it? 

AARON KEKER: They put it on their video iPods because that is what I have. 

KATE WALSH: So  – – 

AARON KEKER: Actually, I have your video on my iPod. 

KATE WALSH: Do you? 


KATE WALSH: So for every song that comes up on your iPod, the video comes up – –  

AARON KEKER: … Yeah – – 

KATE WALSH: if you bought it? 

AARON KEKER: Yeah. I can show you like as soon as we’re done. 


AARON KEKER: All right. So, last question. After the tour concludes, what’s next for Kate Walsh? 

KATE WALSH: Recording the album. Definitely yeah. I am going to be at home which I am really happy about. For… well up until October at least doing the record. So, I’m going to do it at Tim’s House again. 

AARON KEKER: Oh, are you? Wow! 

KATE WALSH: But its not called Tim’s House 2. Just so you know. 

AARON KEKER: Oh, okay! All right, well thanks! I will see you later this evening. 

KATE WALSH: Thank you! 

AARON KEKER: Okay! Thanks! Bye!