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Posted September 18, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Hoobastank The Venue Horseshoe Casino Review

Sunday, February 22, 2009
By Aaron Keker

Hoobastank at The Venue on February 21, 2009.

THE VENUE, Hammond, Indiana – Conceive the unthinkable, you show up to see one of your favorite bands and you failed to purchase their latest album. Suddenly, you have been informed that the band will be signing their album, shortly after their performance.

The only catch is that you have to purchase the album at the merchandise counter were you will then be provided with a pink bracelet. Around 8:45, you gracefully walk to the band’s table, meet and greet with the band, have the album autographed and snap a photograph with the band for your MySpace page.

Last evening, I am not sure what the final headcount had been, but people were lined up with their For(n)ever album to have it signed by Hoobastank. What a novel concept, purchase the album and you get a meet and greet with Hoobastank.

What a novel concept, purchase the album and you get a meet and greet with Hoobastank

Triple Grammy Nominees, Hoobastank, were the second billing on the four-band ticket. As Hoobastank entered the stage, they opened their performance with “Born to Lead.”

After the song concluded, they received a big Hoobacheer. Hoobastank performed their hugest hits like “Running Away,” “The Reason,” and “Crawling in the Dark” but they also mixed in several newbie’s like “The Letter,” “So Close, So Far” and “My Turn.”

I really enjoyed Doug Robb playing “The Letter” and “So Close, So Far” on the acoustic guitar but I wished he would have stripped it down even further acoustically. I envisioned the following scenarios:

(1) Perform the songs solo acoustically like Aaron Lewis has done previously at The Venue with “Epiphany.”


(2) Perform these songs with Dan Estrin playing the acoustic guitar and Doug singing at the microphone. It would be similar to what Shaun Morgan and Dale Stewart have accomplished at numerous locations, including The Venue, with “Broken.”


(3) Perform acoustically like their performance at The UF Bookstore at the University of Florida on January 29, 2009.

Hoobastank at The Venue on February 21, 2009.

I believe the audience would have really gone Hoobacrazy if they were stripped down acoustically. Aaron Lewis, Shaun Morgan and Dale Stewart always receive a phenomenal ovation when they strip their songs down acoustically, so why not Hoobastank? Doug, imagine the possibilities? I am sure you received an awesome reception and a Hoobawelcome back on January 29th.

Doug even had some laughable, memorable comments as Hoobastank rocked the audience. Doug commented “I don’t care how you get the CD… way more important to get your asses to the show.” This comment was said right before Hoobastank performed “The Letter.”

The other comment was when a man participated in the women’s part in “My Turn” and Doug jokingly said, “No, not you… you are one ugly lady.”

In conclusion, I really enjoyed Hoobastank’s performance at The Venue in Hammond, Indiana. The moment that I saw Doug with his acoustic guitar on “The Letter” and “So Close, So Far,” I thought he might pull either an Aaron Lewis or Shaun Morgan and Dale Stewart or The UF Bookstore performance, but it never happened. In my opinion, the audience would have preferred the stripped down acoustic versions even more. Nevertheless, they enjoyed themselves as they sang alongside Doug on “The Reason” and “Crawling in the Dark.” Hopefully, as the tour progresses, Doug and Hoobastank will take my advice and play them acoustically. Below is the set list for Hoobastank’s performance at The Venue in Hammond, Indiana.

The Venue Set List:

1. “Born to Lead”
2. “Running Away”
3. “The Letter”
4. “So Close, So Far”
5. “Out of Control”
6. “My Turn”
7. “The Reason”
8. “Crawling in the Dark”