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Posted September 18, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

David Cook HOB Review

Monday, July 13, 2009
By Aaron Keker

HOUSE OF BLUES, Chicago – In these economic tumultuous times, there are not many musicians that can sell out the House of Blues in Chicago like David Cook.

The massive fanatical line waited peacefully, for at least an hour before entering the House of Blues, in hopes of getting close enough to the stage so that they would have an intimate perspective of rocker David Cook.

The line stretched from around the west side of the building, continued south onto the Dearborn Street Bridge and appeared to be either close in proximity or actually reaching Wacker Drive.

Once those fans entered the venue and were situated near the stage, they never moved until the concert concluded.

If David Cook visualized a rambunctious and sold out Chicago House of Blues audience, that not only provided enthusiastic ovations the entire evening, but also sang alongside David on hits like “Heroes,” “Lie,” “Declaration,” “Come Back to Me” and “Light On,” then it was a very successful evening.

I just try to visualize what I want to do before the show starts and hopefully it comes out that way. David Cook

Who knows, it might even rank up with one of his fondest moments of Chicago besides seeing Our Lady Peace at the Vic Theatre?

As Need to Breathe concluded their performance, and David Cook was about to enter the stage, I really thought he would kick off his evening with “Declaration.” Unfortunately, I was incorrect and he opened with “Heroes.”

David Cook definitely kept the Chicago show “fresh” as he performed “Til I’m Blue,” “Kiss on the Neck” and “Breathe Tonight.” The ultimate shocker was that “Permanent” was not even included on the set list.

However, David Cook did perform a cover song of Cutting Crew’s “(I Just) Died in Your Arms.” David Cook’s modern rock rendition of the 80’s classic was astonishing and reminded me of another successful cover song by Seether of “Careless Whisper.” Hopefully, David Cook will release it as a cover single.

There was one remark by David Cook that outraged the Chicago audience. Before performing “Declaration,” David Cook remarked, “I am going to the Home Run Derby in St. Louis,” and that comment triggered large boos by the audience. Could it be because a majority of them were Cubs fans? Fortunately for David when the song concluded, it received the largest ovation of the evening, but was eventually surpassed by the energetic ovation on “Light On.”

I waited, patiently, for almost a year for David Cook to perform with his band and it was worth the wait. I was a little disappointed that David Cook never dropped any songs down acoustically. If he had, I guarantee the audience would have been extremely animated. In fact, the perfect opportunity would have been during his solo performance of “Lie.” During “Lie,” David Cook even showed that he can still sing vocally without any instruments playing as he sang the chorus.

Finally, I can tell by David Cook’s stage presence, and the fact that his fans are willing to stand in line for at least an hour, maybe two, that this is only the beginning of David Cook’s rock stardom. Only time will tell but who knows, maybe David Cook will even become the most successful American Idol Winner ever? Below is the set list from the House of Blues in Chicago.

 Chicago House of Blues:

1. “Heroes”
2. “Mr. Sensitive”
3. “Breathe Tonight”
4. “Lie”
5. “Kiss on the Neck”
6. “Til I’m Blue”
7. “Bar-ba-sol”
8. “(I Just) Died in Your Arms”
9. “Declaration”
10. “Come Back to Me”


11. “Light On”
12. “A Daily AntheM”