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Posted September 18, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Chris Cornell Solo Acoustic Vic Theatre Review

Saturday, April 23, 2011
By Aaron Keker

VIC THEATRE, Chicago – Last evening appeared to be a “Vic Couples Night Giveaway” with a majority of the Vic Theatre patrons appearing to be couples out to watch Chris Cornell perform an intimate evening acoustically.

Chris Cornell entered the sold-out Vic carrying his acoustic guitar, he humorously remarked, “Why did you [Chris Cornell] write it? I’m just stupid.” The comedic storyline introductions coupled with Chris Cornell’s performance created an illustrious Easter weekend.

Chris Cornell decided to commence his performance in an upright position rather than lounging in the stool with “Be Yourself” followed by “Ground Zero.” Chris eventually lounged in the stool on “Can’t Change Me” and periodically performed standing up with his guitar.

There was never a dull moment in Chris Cornell’s performance. In fact, the moment that you thought the Vic couldn’t transcend any louder, it did. If the Vic measured decibel levels for every performance, Chris Cornell may have topped the chart.

Chris Cornell performed songs that spanned his entire career, which included Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, Audioslave and his solo career.

Chris Cornell belted out to the Heavens with ‘Say Hello 2 Heaven,’ which nearly rose the singer to Sainthood

As the evening progressed, the Vic audience started shouting out requests like it was an Aaron Lewis concert, but fortunately for Chris the audience was tamer. The favorite Vic request of the evening was “Hunger Strike,” which Chris seemed almost annoyed, like his entire career was based upon that hit song. Chris Cornell’s performance on “Hunger Strike” was like a basketball player who shoots the ball with time expiring and the ball hits the rim and bounces out. The song is better suited at a higher tempo on an electric guitar.

Chris Cornell tuned his guitar before playing “Sunshower” and he commented, “Was that Jesus?” Jesus was in the air. Chris Cornell belted out to the Heavens with “Say Hello 2 Heaven,” which nearly rose the singer to Sainthood. Any potential Sainthood quickly vanished when Chris Cornell shouted on “Like a Stone,” “Stand the f*ck up!” and the Vic audience rose to the occasion.

A man named Staci (a.k.a. some variation of “Stacey”) joined Chris Cornell on stage on “Doesn’t Remind Me.” Supposedly Staci’s performance was not staged, but Chris and Staci seemed to be in unison and you wonder whether or not it was staged. Regardless, it was a noble act by Chris Cornell to allow a perfect stranger to perform alongside him.

Chris Cornell received criticism of his album Scream in 2009 by Trent Reznor, but if Trent was at the Vic yesterday, he might have to acknowledge that the song “Scream” sounded awesome stripped down acoustically.

Chris Cornell is so gifted vocally, that he could’ve performed “Happy Birthday” and the Vic would have flipped their lids. Chris Cornell managed to dabble in a little Beatlemania by successfully pulling off a cover of “A Day in the Life” and concluded his joyous evening with a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Chris Cornell tossed in another deuce with a cover of “State Trooper” by Bruce Springsteen and “Man of Golden Words” by Mother Love Bone.

Chris Cornell even acted like D.J. Dan by playing a vinyl on the turntable alongside his acoustic guitar playing on “When I’m Down” and “Scream.”

Chris Cornell raised the decibel levels like nobody has ever heard at the Vic Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. If Chris Cornell can get the Vic to flip their lids with admiration for the singer, imagine what could occur if he released a live acoustic album?

Vic Theatre Set List:

1. “Be Yourself”
2. “Ground Zero”
3. “Can’t Change Me”
4. “Two Drink Minimum”
5. “Call Me a Dog”
6. “Sunshower”
7. “Fell on Black Days”
8. “Burden in My Hand”
9. “I am the Highway”
10. “State Trooper” (Bruce Springsteen Cover)
11. “When I’m Down”
12. “Seasons”
13. “All Night Thing”
14. “Man of Golden Words” (Mother Love Bone)
15. “Comfortably Numb” (Pink Floyd Cover)
16. “Say Hello 2 Heaven”
17. “Thank You”
18. “Mind Riot”
19. “Like Suicide”
20. “Like a Stone”
21. “Doesn’t Remind Me”
22. “A Day in the Life” (The Beatles Cover)


23. “Scream”
24. “Black Hole Sun”
25. “Hunger Strike”
26. “Imagine” (John Lennon Cover)