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Posted September 18, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Blue October HOB Review

Thursday, May 5, 2011
By Aaron Keker

blueoctober-168HOUSE OF BLUES, Chicago – Imagine playing in a band and jamming out in your living room. That’s exactly what occurred last night for Blue October at the Chicago House of Blues.

Blue October’s set included a front door, two windows, a big couch and a lounge chair. It was like over 1,000 of Blue October’s closest friends were sitting in their living room as they performed an intimate acoustic set.

Blue October entered and exited the stage by using the stage door set. Blue October’s performance was pleasantly charming and can be broken into three theatrical acts.

Act I commenced with Justin Furstenfeld and his bandmates walking through the front door and situating themselves in the living room. Justin stood at the front of the stage wearing sunglasses and began Blue October’s performance with “Ugly Side.”

Justin Furstenfeld’s poetic vocals interchanged with periodic emotional tirades made the evening unforgettable.

Justin Furstenfeld’s poetic vocals interchanged with periodic emotional tirades made the evening unforgettable.

Justin worked the stage by walking around from left to right while melodically singing “Into the Ocean.” Then during “Been Down,” Justin’s melodious vocals were interchanged with emotional tirades. As Ryan Delahoussaye struck the violin strings on “Colorado 5591,” Justin moved his head in unison to the violin strings. Ryan was multi-tasking by playing the keyboard at the same time as holding the violin between his chin and shoulder. Act I of Blue October’s performance ended with “Picking Up Pieces.”

Act II started with Justin Furstenfeld plucking the strings of his acoustic guitar on “A Quiet Mind.” Justin Furstenfeld remarked before Blue October performed “Calling You,” “You guys are the bomb!” Justin’s assessment was right on! The stage door opened after the conclusion of “Should Be Loved,” and Justin Furstenfeld was handed a glass of red wine. Justin Furstenfeld paced the floor, positioned his stool in front of drummer, Jeremy Furstenfeld, and Blue October ended Act II with a bang with “The End.” As Blue October exited the stage door, the crowd screamed profusely.


Act III, after the encore cheer, Blue October entered the stage door and rewarded the screaming cheers with three additional songs. Blue October performed a new song in “Feel Again” and older songs in “Hate Me” and “Amazing.” Justin drank a sip of wine and performed with an acoustic guitar the ballad “Amazing.” As the song concluded, Justin remarked, “Thank you so much! I love Chicago!” The band exited the stage door and the concert concluded.

Blue October kicked-off their acoustic tour nationally in Chicago and the show was definitely entertaining by Justin Furstenfeld. Obviously these songs are very emotional for Justin and he presents those emotions with such passion and sometimes anger. On May 10, 2011, Blue October will be releasing the album Ugly Side: An Acoustic Evening with Blue October and the album is just as good as their live acoustic performance. Below is the set list from the Chicago House of Blues.

Chicago HOB Set List:

1. “Ugly Side”
2. “Say It”
3. “Into the Ocean”
4. “Been Down”
5. “Colorado 5591”
6. “Picking Up Pieces”
7. “A Quiet Mind”
8. “Calling You”
9. “Should Be Loved”
10. “X-Amount of Words”
11. “Come in Closer”
12. “Dirt Room”
13. “The End”


14. “Feel Again”
15. “Hate Me”
16. “Amazing”