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Posted September 19, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Art of Dying HOB Review

Thursday, May 17, 2012
By Aaron Keker

HOUSE OF BLUES, Chicago, IL – Prior to Art of Dying’s performance, voices were heard in the background, “who is Art of Dying”?

Other voices had no recollection of who was the opening band? Their momentarily lapse of judgment quickly subsided as Art of Dying conquered the stage with “Get Thru This,” “Whole World’s Crazy,” “Sorry” and “Die Trying.”

Art of Dying is led by multi-talented Jonny Hetherington. Jonny remarked to Always Acoustic, “[Art of Dying are] the last people out of the building every night.” In other words, after Art of Dying’s performance, they conduct their due diligence by meeting and greeting with anyone in the venue at the merchandise booth. 

Their momentarily lapse of judgment quickly subsided as Art of Dying conquered the stage

Most bands require you to either subscribe for a yearly fee or win a radio promotion to meet and greet with the band. Art of Dying charges nothing! Take advantage of this opportunity before it is too late.

Jonny fired up the Chicago House of Blues on “Whole World’s Crazy” when he remarked, “Do you want to get a little f***ing crazy?”

Art of Dying’s performance was filled with energy and excitement as they ignited the venue to go bonkers over their performance. By the audiences’ reaction to Art of Dying’s evening, one could say that it will not take Art of Dying “forever” to become mega rockstars. Certain individuals may believe the motto, “if it takes forever, I will die trying” is cheesy, but it is not cheesy, it is brilliant! The World needs more dreamers and Art of Dying is starting to fulfill theirs.

Chicago HOB Set List:

  1. “Straight Across My Mind”
  2. “Whole World’s Crazy”
  3. “Raining”
  4. “Get Thru This”
  5. Tavis Stanley Guitar Solo with Jeff Brown on Drums
  6. “Sorry”
  7. “Die Trying”

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