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Posted September 18, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Apache Stone Elbo Room Review

Saturday, April 2, 2011
By Aaron Keker

apachestone2011-509ELBO ROOM, Chicago – Like a firefighter who rushes to extinguish a fire, Apache Stone raced into the Elbo Room on April 1st and ignited an evening that Chicago will never forget!

This was Apache Stone’s first trip into Chicago and a homecoming for drummer Scott Garapolo. The only minor change in Apache Stone’s line-up was bassist Stan Esposito, who replaced James Cruz.

Michael Lombardi sang “Urge to Desire” with such a passion and urgency, it was a perfect song to rock the evening with. Michael excited the crowd when he remarked: “Are you ready for a rock show?”

Michael Lombardi sang “Urge to Desire” with such a passion and urgency, it was a perfect song to rock the evening with

Apache Stone’s performance quashed any doubts that they’re just a Hollywood TV band without any talent. They provided Chicago with a little taste of what New Yorkers and other East Coasters have known for years and that is Apache Stone are rock stars in the making.

Apache Stone were courageously successful in performing a cover song of STP’s “Sex Type Thing.” During the song, several women marched up to the front of the stage and you knew at that moment this was a rock show.

Apache Stone have been consistent by batting two for two by performing cover songs of “Rebel Yell” and “Sex Type Thing.” Would Apache Stone ever leave their comfort zone and perform a GN’R cover? Michael Lombardi may have changed his tune, but he once remarked: “Just scared to go to Axl Land.” In other words, you shouldn’t expect a GN’R cover soon, but Apache Stone certainly could pull it off!


Apache Stone continued to rock the evening like a cheetah hunting its prey by playing an eight song set list in fifty minutes. The set list included: “Urge to Desire,” “Leave Yourself Alone,” “Synthetic Self,” “Fire,” “Hole of You,” “Sex Type Thing,” “Social Outlaw” and “Unleashed.” If you were waiting to hear any ballads last evening, it wasn’t going to happen.

As Apache Stone’s popularity continues to implode, enjoy the ride while you still can. Apache Stone meets with their fans after each performance and they’re as humble as any rock star can be. Who knows, you might be sitting or standing next to someone at an Apache Stone concert and they might be tattooed with an Apache Indian or the words “Apache Stone” on their body.

Elbo Room, Chicago Set List:

1. “Urge to Desire”
2. “Leave Yourself Alone”
3. “Synthetic Self”
4. “Fire”
5. “Hole of You”
6. “Sex Type Thing”
7. “Social Outlaw”
8. “Unleashed”