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Posted September 18, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Alter Bridge HOB Review

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
By Aaron Keker 

alter-bridge-544HOUSE OF BLUES, Chicago – One of the most phenomenal rock vocalists in Myles Kennedy graced the stage with his ear piercing vocals and his band, Alter Bridge, for a second evening at the Chicago House of Blues.

Before the show, Myles couldn’t officially confirm whether the May 3rd show was a sell-out, but tickets were scarce and one has to make an assumption that the House of Blues was sold-out.

Alter Bridge performed an early set around 8:00 because the show was billed as an all-ages show. Alter Bridge entered the stage and they were greeted with a vigorous ovation. Myles Kennedy burst vocally into “Come to Life.”

Myles Kennedy held the lyrical line “die” for about twelve seconds during “Ghost of Days Gone By” and if an individual would have put an expensive crystal wine glass near the speakers, it would’ve shattered into a million smaller pieces

Throughout the entire evening, everyone at the House of Blues came to life and if someone didn’t, they were either a quiet drunk or a corpse. Myles Kennedy remarked, “We should just play here. This should be our weekly thing. (Myles joked) It’s ladies night with Alter Bridge.

You don’t have to be a moronic individual to understand why Myles Kennedy was chosen to be the vocalist for Alter Bridge or be asked to sing on Slash’s tour, and that’s because Myles is gifted vocally.

Myles Kennedy’s voice fell into a crescendo with “Come to Life,” “Ghost of Days Gone By,” “Isolation,” “Rise Today,” and “Open Your Eyes” alongside the electrified sound of Alter Bridge.

More than half-way through Alter Bridge’s set list, Myles Kennedy decreased his octave range and performed a solo acoustic ballad of “Watch Over You.” The audience went bonkers over the acoustic version and even sang the ending chorus. The Chicago audience, and maybe even the World, might go berserk to know that Myles Kennedy’s solo album is more of an acoustic-based album.

 Myles Kennedy held the lyrical line “die” for about twelve seconds during “Ghost of Days Gone By” and if an individual would have put an expensive crystal wine glass near the speakers, it would’ve shattered into a million smaller pieces. That’s how vocally piercing Myles held that lyrical word!

alter-bridge-435There are some bands that are artificial between the vocalist and band, that they provide an illusion that the band has great chemistry. Over time, you finally hear gossip that the vocalist or band broke up. Alter Bridge possesses really good chemistry together. In fact, Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti seem to have tremendous respect for one another.

Myles Kennedy remarked, “A guy who’s never an idiot. A good up-standing man. Make some noise for Mr. Mark Tremonti.” When “Watch Over You” concluded, Mark Tremonti commented, “Chicago, do me a favor and give it up for Myles Kennedy.”

According to RIAA’s web site, Alter Bridge’s debut album One Day Remains is the only album that has reached Gold status. It has you wondering, why? Alter Bridge is a very talented band that includes the likes of Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott “Flip” Phillips.

Make sure you attend one of Alter Bridge’s live concerts because you will definitely enjoy the show! Alter Bridge is performing songs from every album, which includes AB IIIBlackbird andOne Day Remains. Abbey Road Live U.S. is also offering limited edition live recordings of Alter Bridge at selected venues on a USB drive at www.abbeyroadliveus.com. You can either pre-order or purchase the USB drive and pick it up after the show or you can order it online and have it shipped to you.

One of the coolest things about attending an all-ages show is looking around and seeing a ten year old child putting up the rockstar devil horns. Who knows, maybe that ten year old child will become the next Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall or Scott “Flip” Phillips?

Chicago HOB Set List:

1. “Come to Life”
2. “Before Tomorrow Comes”
3. “Buried Alive”
4. “Brand New Start”
5. “Find the Real”
6. “White Knuckles”
7. “All Hope is Gone”
8. “Metalingus”
9. “Ghost of Days Gone By”
10. “Broken Wings”
11. “One Day Remains”
12. “Ties that Bind”
13. “Coeur d’ Alene”
14. “I Know it Hurts”
15. “Blackbird”
16. “Watch Over You”
17. “Isolation”


18. “Slip to the Void”
19. “Rise Today”
20. “Open Your Eyes”