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Posted October 5, 2012 by Always Acoustic in CD Reviews

All I Was CD Review

All I Was
CD Review by Aaron Keker 

Tremonti’s lack of confidence withered and his voice evolved into a voice to be reckoned with

Mark Tremonti, the guitar mastermind behind the successes of Alter Bridge and Creed has unleashed his vocal beast with his solo album All I Was.

Initially Tremonti lacked confidence vocally, but the moment it withered his voice evolved into a voice to be reckoned with.

Heavy metal flows through Tremonti’s soul and he transcended All I Was into a heavier guitar and drum laced album.

“So Your Afraid” is an absolute guitar and drum chaos that has one banging their head like a Tremonti bobble head.

“New Way Out” has that Creed “Rain” appeal.

“The Things I’ve Seen” explains itself and is one of the best songs from All I Was.

Tremonti might not have the vocal range of Myles Kennedy, but he understands his vocal range by pushing it to its limit and All I Was is definitely one of the best solo albums released in 2012.

Favorite Songs: “The Things I’ve Seen,” “Leave it Alone,” “Giving Up,” “So You’re Afraid” and “Wish You Well”

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