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Posted September 19, 2014 by Always Acoustic in CD Reviews

Savages Album Review

Theory Of A Deadman - Savages - Album Art“It’s such a different record for us. I went from writing about crazy women to how screwed up we are,” said Tyler Connolly.

Theory of a Deadman promised a heavier album in Savages and they delivered their best album since Scars & Souvenirs. 

The lyrics from “Heavy,” “Take those horns, throw them up … volume up” sums up the album perfectly!

The rock and roll energy emanates on “Blow,” “Savages,” “Misery of Mankind,” “Salt in the Wound,” “Heavy,” “Panic Room” and “World War Me.”

Alice Cooper made his featured presence felt alongside Tyler Connolly on “Savages” as he eerily sung, “Time after time we never learn from our mistakes … We’re all humans, fighting human nature to stay alive. … Will we ever realize we’re just savages? God save us all.”

Theory of a Deadman ventured into un-chartered waters and were successful in slightly adding a catchy country twang on “Livin’ My Life Like a Country Song.”

Although Tyler Connolly remarked about Theory of a Deadman’s  fifth album, Savages, being a different album, they are businessmen too and it would be record suicide if a ballad were not included on the album.

Savages include two of Theory of a Deadman’s best ballads ever in “Angel” and “The One!”

“The One” is an emotional song that remains in a melodic passive state.

Savages is a highly energetic in your-face rock and roll album with a nibble of a country flare while tugging at your heart strings. Every song on the album could potentially be a hit and it is definitely a must-have for any Theory of a Deadman or rock music fan.

Favorite Songs:

“Drown,” “Blow,” “Savages,” “Angel,” “Heavy,” “Panic Room,” “The One,” “World War Me” and “In Ruins”