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Posted September 17, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

Alanis Morissette Chicago Theatre Review

Friday, October 3, 2008
By Aaron Keker

CHICAGO THEATRE, Chicago – The Chicago Cubs’ playoff game and the Weezer tour at the Allstate Arena were not the only sizzling tickets in town.

As the Chicago Cubs fans watched another disappointing performance by the Cubbies against the Dodgers, we watched a really good performance by Alanis Morissette at the Chicago Theatre.

Last evening, we were graced with two encores rather than the traditional one.

Early in the evening, Alanis Morissette started swinging her hair around as she sang “Uninvited.” As she swung her hair in a circular motion it was like a windmill spinning around providing electricity to an eco-friendly household.

In fact, Alanis would continue that circular hair motion throughout the entire evening.

Besides the hair windmill, Alanis worked the stage as a general as she sang song after song while moving from right to left and finally back to the center of the stage.

The enthusiasm and excitement that Alanis and her band mates displayed actually put a smile on what otherwise would have been another disappointing viewing of another Chicago sports meltdown.

The biggest highlight of the evening occurred when the Chicago audience received an intimate acoustic performance on “Hand in My Pocket,” “Everything” and “So Pure.” As Alanis and her band mates were all seated around each other, the audience provided additional background vocals.

Once again Alanis had changed part of the lyrics in “Ironic” just like she did previously on her album Jagged Little Pill Acoustic. When she sang the verse “meeting the man of my dreams and meeting his beautiful husband,” it received another loud ovation from some of the audience members.

After the second encore, the concert roared to a smashing conclusion as Alanis Morissette ended her performance with “Thank You.” As Alanis walked toward the exit stage she remarked, “I love you guys” and the evening concluded.

Finally, I have to say that I made the correct decision when I decided to watch a really good performance by Alanis Morissette instead of being a couch potato and watching the disappointing meltdown by the Cubs. Below is the song list for Alanis Morissette at the Chicago Theatre.

Chicago Theatre Set List:

1.    “The Couch”
2.    “Uninvited”
3.    “Versions of Violence”
4.    “All I Really Want”
5.    “The Couch” (Key of A Minor)
6.    “Not the Doctor”
7.    “Not as We”
8.    “Head Over Feet”
9.    “The Couch” (Last Two Verses)
10.    “Sympathetic Character”
11.    “Flinch”
12.    “Moratorium”
13.    “You Oughta Know”
14.    “Tapes”
15.    “Hand in My Pocket”
16.    “Everything”
17.    “So Pure”

Encore I:

18.    “You Learn”
19.    “Ironic”

Encore II:

20.    “Thank You”