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Posted July 25, 2014 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

3 Doors Down Songs from the Basement Review

Songs from the Basement is best acoustic show ever

Just five good ol’ southern boys performed their first ever acoustic show at the Chicago House of Blues.

The show was billed as Songs from the Basement tour.

Several couches, a bowling pin lamp, bottle cap barstool, wooden crate tables, what appeared to be a electronic fireplace and a leg lamp (Brought back memories of A Christmas Story). In other words, it was a man cave set without the 70” HDTV and the beer or wine bottles.

Brad Arnold remarked, “Welcome to the basement! Let’s do this thing!” as 3 Doors Down proceeded to perform “Father’s Son.”

One song later, 3 Doors Down kicked it off with two of their most popular hits in “Let Me Be Myself” and “Be Like That.”

The strings continued to be plucked throughout the entire evening and some of the best plucks were on “Landing in London,” “Loser,” “Away from the Sun” and “Here Without You.” How can a person not enjoy Brad Arnold’s vocals alongside the acoustic sound of guitar strings being picked?

Some new 3 Doors Down songs were even incorporated into the set list. Brad Arnold remarked, “New songs tonight!” as 3 Doors Down performed “You Better Believe It” and “Pieces of Me.” Although these songs are not completely mastered for digital or CD consumption, you could tell by the lyrics that these songs will become hit songs! Sure this may sound basic, “Everybody’s got a right to dream,” but it gives that dreamer out there some hope for their own dreams. Not only that, but the audience was very joyous of 3 Doors Down’s new material that they cannot wait for them to be released digitally or on CD.

3 Doors Down managed to successfully pull off covers of their own acoustic spins of Garth Brooks “The Dance” and Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters.” There was a little echo reverb in the beginning of the “Nothing Else Matters,” but that did not hamper Brad Arnold vocally once it was corrected. In fact, it is a monumental task to try and perform vocally like Garth Brooks and James Hetfield on these songs, but Brad Arnold sounded really good by putting his own spin on these covers.

It was somewhat surprising that “When We’re Young” or “What’s Left” were not performed, especially since 3 Doors Down released them acoustically on the Time of My Life (Deluxe Edition) album. Brad Arnold explained why “Heaven” might not be performed during the Songs from the Basement tour. “It doesn’t really seem like it, but it sometimes can be a little bit of a difficult song to sing on tour and get the notes right.” Although it would have been even more amazing had 3 Doors Down performed “Heaven,” “When We’re Young” and “What’s Left,” their carefully chosen set list was still perfect.

Brad Arnold multi-tasked that evening too. He became a videographer on “Let Me Go” as he grabbed someone’s cell phone and started recording video. Then on “It’s Not My Time,” he sang into the phone as it recorded.

With Brad Arnold being a former drummer, he let the light shine on drummer Greg Upchurch. Brad remarked, “Greg needs to play a solo! That’s not a solo, that’s a drum beat!” Greg’s spotlight was up as he performed a drum solo before 3 Doors down performed “Its Not My Time.”

There were a few post-it notes littered around the stage that read, “Don’t Suck!” The truth is that 3 Doors Down did not suck, instead Songs from the Basement was one of the best acoustic shows ever at the Chicago House of Blues! With the success of the Songs from the Basement tour, 3 Doors Down needs to perform another acoustic tour in the future. Maybe if there are enough social media requests for it, 3 Doors Down can even sell a USB Wristband again of their live acoustic music via DiscLive Network. Definitely the best acoustic concert in 2014!




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