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Posted October 17, 2015 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

3 Doors Down 2015 Chase Fest Review

The audience appeared to dig the new tunes

Not so long ago, someone had remarked, “The Chicago music scene is dying.” While that statement was shocking to hear, maybe there is some truth to it.

3 Doors Down performed a free concert for the NASCAR 2015 Chase Fest, and the show was not filled to capacity as it should have been for a Multi-Platinum Rock Band.

It had been raining throughout the day, so maybe that was an excuse for people not to attend. Whatever the reason for the low turnout (or capacity), it was another really good performance by 3 Doors Down.

As 3 Doors Down was about to perform, which was the moment the crowd had been waiting for, the heavens cooperated by stopping the rain.

3 Doors Down started intimately and melodically as Brad Arnold sang alongside Chet Roberts’ keyboards on “Here Without You.”

About a minute later, the melodic melody turned chaotic as the rest of the band entered and performed the remainder of the song up tempo.

On “Duck and Run,” Brad was in animation mode as he punched down with his microphone during the song.

The third song on 3 Doors Down’s set list was “The Broken,” which is sure to be a hit song off the album.

The script had remained the same the entire evening as Brad used his Southern Charm by thanking the audience.

The evening progressed further with hit songs like “Away from the Sun” and “It’s Not My Time” before sliding into another new song, “In the Dark” from their upcoming album in early 2016.

Although the audience was unfamiliar with 3 Doors Down’s newer tracks, they appeared to dig the new tunes because the band was elicited with cheerful ovations afterward.

On “Loser,” it started drizzling. One of the NASCAR engines revived up in the background and Brad remarked comedically, “Car starts, everyone freezes!”

The gifts continued as the hits kept coming as 3 Doors Down performed “Landing in  London,” “The Better Life,” “Citizen Soldier” and “Kryptonite” before ending with “When I’m Gone.”

On “Kryptonite,” cell phones graced the air and during the chorus Brad held the mic to the audience for them to sing.

Toward the end of “When I’m Gone,” Brad held the line “When I’m Gone” for about three seconds. The night ended with one last “Thank You” from Brad Arnold.

Between the elicited cheers after each song concluded to 3 Doors Down’s performance, it was another entertaining show by the Multi-Platinum Rock Band. 3 Doors Down really appreciates their fan base, and it is a shame that more people didn’t attend an amazing concert at Chase Fest, especially since it was free!

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