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Posted February 15, 2016 by Always Acoustic in CD Reviews

Us and the Night Album Review

3DoorsD_UsAndTh_CoverArt (Resized)Us and the Night is like a roller coaster of life that starts with an upward climb in “The Broken” and makes various twists and turns before ending with the romantic melody of “Walk Before You Run.”

If you are looking for a jolt to your nervous system, “The Broken,” “Still Alive,” “Believe It,” “Living in Your Hell,” “Love is a Lie” and “Us and the Night” are the songs that are truly enjoyable.

“The Broken” has that rock anthem quality that keeps pulling you in and begging you to raise those rock horns.

In “Still Alive” you can hear the anger in Brad’s vocals as the song abruptly ends with “alive.”

“Believe It” and “Living in Your Hell” will have you raising your middle finger, and maybe even shouting a profanity or two to all your haters, doubters and exes.

Us and the Night is 3 Doors Down’s most riveting album since The Better Life

Whether it is the piano emanating on “Inside of Me” and “Fell from the Moon” or the acoustic feel of “Pieces of Me,” they all tell a story about hope.

“Inside of Me” is an uplifting song that begins with a piano melody that slides into an emotional rift. It then cascades back into a piano melody with strings before it crescendos to the finale.

3 Doors Down chose to not rush Us and the Night and what you have is a well written album with thirteen potential hit songs. Us and the Night is 3 Doors Down’s most riveting album since The Better Life.

Favorite Songs:
“The Broken,” “Still Alive,” “Believe It”, “Living in Your Hell”, “Inside of Me,” “Pieces of Me,” “Us and the Night,” “Fell from the Moon” and “Found Me There”

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