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Posted September 18, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Concert Reviews

3 Doors Down The Venue Horseshoe Casino Review

Sunday, November 6, 2011
By Aaron Keker

3doorsdown10062011-65THE VENUE, Hammond, Indiana – Years ago, who would have thought a graduating class of sixty people at East Central High School in Hurley, Mississippi had a hidden treasure in Brad Arnold.

Instead of learning algebra, Brad Arnold was writing songs and he wrote one of 3 Doors Down’s most popular songs in “Kryptonite.” A song that appears to make it on every 3 Doors Down set list to date.

What did learning algebra do for Brad Arnold? Most likely nothing! Brad Arnold was writing songs that would eventually become nothing less than gold.

The singles “Kryptonite, “Here Without You,” and “It’s Not My Time” were certified platinum on April 21, 2009 and the albums Seventeen DaysAway from the Sun and The Better Life achieved at least platinum status. One could say that 3 Doors Down is having the time of their lives.

3 Doors Down concocted a perfect chemistry mixture between Time of My Life3 Doors DownSeventeen DaysAway from the Sun and The Better Life

For a decade, 3 Doors Down have been grounded by their success and have never treated their fans like a piece of garbage. 3 Doors Down is very appreciative to their fans every show.

The entire evening at The Venue in Hammond Indiana, Brad Arnold remarked, “Thank you my friends.” Brad even thanked the audience for listening to 3 Doors Down for a decade.

3 Doors Down opened with “Time of My Life.” There was such a uniqueness with Greg Upchurch’s drums that you couldn’t help but figure out the symbolism. The bass drum had a clock that was positioned at 3:05. Did the “3” mean 3 Doors Down” and the “5” signify the five members of the band or did 3:05 tell another story?

If algebra wasn’t Brad’s forte, maybe chemistry was. 3 Doors Down concocted a perfect chemistry mixture between Time of My Life3 Doors DownSeventeen DaysAway from the Sun and The Better Life.

3doorsdown10062011-63 The perfect mixture contained “Time of My Life,” “Away from the Sun,” “What’s Left,” “Citizen/Soldier,” “When You’re Young,” “Heaven,” “Behind Those Eyes,” “Here Without You,” “It’s Not My Time,” “Kryptonite” and “When I’m Gone.”

3 Doors Down even partially performed a cover song of “Breaking the Law.” Although the rendition was entertaining, it is difficult to imagine 3 Doors Down breaking any laws and being on the evening news because they seem so cordial.

During “Kryptonite,” would we see Brad Arnold on the drums like he did previously at The Venue? Unfortunately, no! Brad Arnold sang “Kryptonite” with such authority, which included jumping into the pit while belting out a few lyrical lines.

One didn’t have to die to go to Heaven to see 3 Doors Down, you just needed to travel to The Venue in Hammond, Indiana. If you did, what you saw was a really good performance that commenced with Brad Arnold working the entire stage and 3 Doors Down rocking the f*** out.

The Venue Set List:

1. “Time of My Life”
2. “Duck and Run”
3. “The Better Life”
4. “Away from the Sun”
5. “It’s Not Me”
6. “What’s Left”
7. “Citizen/Soldier”
8. “Changes”
9. “When You’re Young”
10. “Loser”
11. “Round and Round”
12. “Heaven”
13. “Behind Those Eyes”
14. “Here Without You”
15. “It’s Not My Time”


16. “Kryptonite”
17. “Believer”/ “Breaking the Law”
18. “When I’m Gone”