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Posted October 12, 2012 by Always Acoustic in Latest Music News

Eleven Addicting Ghost Stories from Zak Bagan’s NecroFusion Album

Zak Bagans vs Praga Khan


In My Dungeon

After countless serious attacks perpetrated on myself and more than fifteen friends, I wanted to finally try to communicate with these dark attachments of mine. At 3am every night for three weeks, I began conducting recording sessions in a dungeon under my house that I built for these entities to reside in. In other words, I told them they could live in my house, but only inside this chamber. Poltergeist activity is the most common event in the dungeon, and on this particular night, after nearly 30 sessions, they finally spoke to me.  One spirit told me to “watch it” and a female spirit said, “I want you.”  What’s interesting is two separate spirit cleansers told me I have a demonic attachment and a possessive female attachment.  These two voices validated that.  Praga and I structured the music composition to reflect the tone of the voices as these spirits chose which questions to answer and ultimately the lyrics for the song.

Good or Evil

I came into contact with one female spirit after about three hours of recording and she only responded to me twice.  When I asked how many spirits were in the room with me she replied, “just one.”  Then to establish a more personal connection – as I love hearing spirits say my name – I asked her to repeat my name back to me and she did… establishing intelligent communication between the living and dead.

Poor Pearl  (featuring Bobby Mackey)

Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder, Kentucky is a honkytonk infested with demons; it’s also where an archbishop performed an exorcism on me after the place affected me so badly.  Bobby Mackey is a country music singer and the owner of the building that has been responsible for possessions and demonic attacks. I thought it would be a great idea if he collaborated with me on a song based on the spirit of a victim and her two devil-worshipping  killers.  Pearl Bryan was a young woman whose head was severed and then believed to have been given to the devil in a blood sacrifice ritual held at Mackey’s well in the building’s basement.  The basement had been used as a drain for blood when the building was a slaughterhouse. In this particular recording session, I was asking dozens of questions, calling out the spirits of her killers, who I feel have also followed me home before. After I stated, “I think Pearl is safe now,” a crystal clear dark voice replied, “Is she?” I felt that was one of her killers answering sarcastically.

Immortal Portal

The spirit voices in this song were also captured in my home. On this particular night, I immediately grabbed the recording devices after a severe paranormal incident made a friend of mine leave my house. As I began rolling, I asked a series of questions with no response, but when I asked, “Why are you following me?” a very dark voice came through confessing, “I killed myself.”  Intrigued I asked, “What is your name?” …then a female voice very clearly told me “Rhonda.”  I then asked her if she messes with me in my sleep, seeing as one evening months earlier, I was dragged out of my bed by my ankles.  She replied, “I do” in an amusing tone as if she enjoyed messing with me. Again, this female voice lends to my attachments of a dark demonic entity and a possessive female spirit.

Sing For Me

This is by far the most emotional track for me, as I strongly believe music is a way for us all to escape the hate, negativity and stress of our timely lives. When we sing, those dark moments are free from our body. On this occasion, I deliberately asked a female spirit that I was communicating with, to sing for me. She sang for me. I don’t know exactly what she was singing, but I knew by listening to her tone and voice that she participated in my request and for that moment it was truly the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. Within the song, you will also hear her say, “I sing.” I could feel in the tone of her voice, she was also free from being a trapped soul, and she and I enjoyed that moment together… This song is a dedication for her and a way for her voice to be heard through the most powerful way to send a message, through music, combined with the most powerful words from the dead.

Dead Awaiting

This song starts off with an EVP captured by Mark and Debbie Constantino, that validated to them, to us, and to a LIVE Reno news crew, that the brick and boards that levitated by themselves during our very first Goldfield investigation in 2004, were caused by the spirit that took credit for that event in this EVP…“Thank you but we’ve done it.”  I ask, “What happens when we die?  What is it like on the other side?  How do dark entities scratch the living having no body, no nails, how do they do this?”  As a victim of a demonic scratch myself, I want to know, when that entity touches your blood, do they somehow, some way become a part of you?  For after I was scratched, I discovered parts of who I am that I never knew before this…or was it me? Who am I? And what do these scratches mean? What awaits us when we die? Will we face the entity that scarred us?

They Are Talking

Sit back. Close your eyes. Let dozens of spirit voices from more than 100 EVP recording sessions be heard through your ears and interpret what they are saying. These are the most powerful voices that are spoken, that can ever be heard though your ears. Through the recording equipment that I used, and the spirits that choose to communicate with me, I present these voices in a song, to forever be replayed.  My voice can also be heard throughout…


This is a dark angry beat that I gave back to the demons that have caused my friends and I personal hell. You will hear two voices spoken by demonic entities, captured at Bobby Mackey’s Music World.  During an event, one of the entities mimics my friend’s daughter’s voice saying “Mommy,” then this demon mimics my exact voice saying “Guys be careful.”   What we heard in that moment was absolutely chilling, for me to hear my own voice with words I NEVER spoke.  Demons like to toy with you, by mimicking you and your loved ones’ voices. In this song, I’m telling them that I’m using their voices with no fear, as they will not bully my friends or me. Thank you Demons for some cool voices for my song to you, ‘Demonator.’

Room 20

I went to the Oasis motel in Las Vegas where in room 20, the actor David Strickland committed suicide in 1999. After hours of recording sessions, I felt a sudden intense presence of energy – I now knew I was not alone. I began communication with mind-blowing responses. One of the responses I got was when I said hello to David, and a male voice who I believe was his replied, “Hi Zak,” then I asked if he could hear me and he said “Yea.” At this point I was in a different emotional state as I was hearing these intelligent responses one after the other. I also asked how many spirits were present and a female voice began shooting off numbers for me “Seven, Eight” at which time I asked, “Do you see other dead people?” and the male voice came through again telling me he “Sees the Lord.” This is one of the most powerful spirit communication sessions I have ever conducted, as he also told me the name of the hotel…“Oasis.”

Dark Frequency

“Denn Die Todten Reiten Schnell” is German for “For the dead travel fast.”  Imagine you are a spirit, you are now traveling through the highly energized frequencies in which they travel, that they manifest, that they speak through. When I asked this spirit if I could enter its portal, it said “Yes.” This song is my presentation of how these spirit frequencies would vibrate and feel. Spirit voices in this song are a female moan and another female shout at the peak of the beats.  Leave your body for a moment and feel the ‘Dark Frequency’ with these spirit voices.

Eleven Heaven

After hearing a spirit tell me “you’re in hell,” that is featured in this song, it made me ask myself if this life we live on earth, dealing with unpredictable terminal diseases, war, violence, hate, is actually hell? I’ve encountered many angelic spirits that have made me feel like I was in heaven with them because of the level of emotions felt during our communication.  There was no trace of time, no worries or pain… It was all light and this song is dedicated to the spirit at the Silver Queen in room 11, “Elizabeth” at the Goldfield Hotel and “Alicia” at Hill View Manor. Various spirit voices as well as mine are contained in “Eleven Heaven.”


“Immortal Portal”

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Room 20

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